The last ripe spikes are shining golden in the warm light of the setting sun. Before passing away, nature shows once again its lush and bountiful side.

The battery-powered fairy lights behind the transparent lamp shade reveal the deeper paint layers of the sun.


Acrylic on Canvas, Collage, Mixed Media, Light Installation

Late Summer (2014)

dated and signed


60 x 90 cm

Max. depth: 5 cm


Acrylic paint, binder, putty, structure gel, various natural materials

wire ring (Ø  30 cm), lampshade foil

canvas on a stretcher frame (60 x 90 x 3,8 cm)

LED fairy lights with battery

Foam board


480,00 €
plus shipping and handling


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Included is a LED light string with battery. Please let me know if you prefer a light chain with connection to socket.