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The picture impresses with the colorful and intense relief of the rock, the slight shimmer on the water and the glossy effects on the back of the tortoise.

On the transparent panel is a collage of uncoated tissue paper that repeats the structures of the tortoise shell. Behind the light shell is an LED recessed spotlight, which can be replaced if necessary.

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Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media, Collage, Light Installation

Turtle (2014)

dated and signed


70 x 70 cm

Max. depth: 8 cm


Acrylic paint, binder, putty, various natural materials

wire ring (Ø  30 cm), lampshade foil, natural paper

canvas on a stretcher frame (70 x 70 x 3.8 cm)

LED spotlight warm white

Foam board


330,00 €
plus shipping and handling


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Can be connected directly to the power supply or via a cable (not supplied) to the socket-outlet.

Included parts: LED recessed spotlights (6W) plus power supply unit.