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From the Hindu temple you can let your gaze wander over an almost unreal looking rocky landscape far into the distance. The temple almost seems to be closer to the stars than to the valley below.

I have photographed the temple in Hampi in India and exposed it on canvas. The building is processed in this collage, the surrounding landscape is painted.

The sky is illuminated from the stars which are installed as shades for the fairy lights. Some lights also glow directly behind the canvas, which makes the painting look particularly interesting in a very dark room.

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Acrylic on Canvas, Collage, Mixed Media, Light Installation

Temple (2014)

dated and signed


90 x 90 cm

Max. depth: 6 cm


Photo print on canvas, acrylic paint, putty, various natural materials

canvas on a stretcher frame (90 x 90 x 3.8 cm)

3 round cardboards (Ø  15 cm / Ø  10 cm / Ø  10 cm)

Fairy lights with switch, 150 cm cable length (from the switch to plug)

Round wood, square timber


540,00 €
plus shipping and handling


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