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A walk by the lake, the lush panicles of the reed and the clear light of a September afternoon inspired me to make this image.

The LED downlight behind the transparent shade fills the room with a strong yellow light and reveals details of the deeper paint layers of the sun.


Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media, Collage, Light Installation

Septermber Sun (2014)

dated and signed


50 x 100 cm

Max. depth: 8 cm


Acrylic paint, binder, putty, structure gels, various natural materials

wire ring (Ø  30 cm), lampshade foil, natural paper, plexiglas tube

canvas on a stretcher frame (50 x 100 x 3.8 cm)

LED spotlight warm white

Foam board


530,00 €
plus shipping and handling


Currently not available!

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Can be connected directly to the power supply or via a cable (not supplied) to the socket-outlet.

Included parts: LED Downlight (12W) plus power supply unit.